TvnxtTVNXT Serves with a rich pool of exclusive video content of feature films, Animated cartoon series, Devotional and cultural activities, etc., in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and many other Indian Languages. It has Group of channels like TVNXT, TVNXT TELUGU, TVNXT KANNADA, etc., TVNXT is in a more rigorous process of further acquisitions and production of original content to provide better content for its subscribers.



Our customers

Colorchips New Media Ltd. has provided its valuable services to the prestigious clients worldwide. We have a rich pool of clients who are fully satisfied with our timely deliveries without compromise in quality. To name few of them are Turner Entertainment, BKN Kids, BenJ Production, Millimages, Kelloges and list continues so on. We are privileged to work with the superior clientele who supported in the success of Colorchips.



Our services

The Company has a comprehensive set-up of manpower and infrastructure to develop and cater to the need for diverse media. Comic contents – be it film, TV, print, social media or the web